Lose Weight With Minimal Effort – Make A Small Change

When some people ask me and I tell them how I’ve been able to lose so much weight, or they read Best Way To Lose Weight Without Going Crazy, they go wow! ‘I’m not sure I can make these changes’. Even though I’d prefer for everyone to make the desired changes, I understand we are at different places. Not everyone is psychologically ready to take the necessary steps. So, I give a 3 graded step to lose weight with minimal effort.

They are really slight changes to make and you start seeing the weight fall off and feel yourself being healthier.

How does that work?

I tell them to remove one food class that is not good for them. Most people are ready to at least drop one class of food they know is not good for them even if they can’t do it all. Some can go ahead to the second class and remove them. And then some can do the whole 3 without really feeling a big difference in their diet. It is that simple! Lose weight with minimal effort.

So, you take baby steps and hopefully completely migrate. I am an ‘all or none’ kind of person…lol. I don’t like to do things half-heartedly. Either I go the full 9 yards or not at all. However, I have come to understand most people are not like that including the best man in the world -my husband *wink. My kids didn’t go the whole 9 yards either. They still take some refined carbohydrates – pasta, flour, occasionally sugar and don’t eat as many vegetables as I would like. But their diet is way better than it was before.

And does this work? Absolutely! you’ll are able to lose some weight and move in a healthier direction. Though you may not get to your ideal weight, you’ll lose a significant amount of weight. When you lose so much weight, I’m hoping you’ll be encouraged to take it further *smiles.


Step 1: Lose The Junk And Processed Foods.

Even though oils have the highest amount of calories per pound, most people easily come to terms with the fact that they need to lose the junk. Most if not all these junk food have oil in them. So, cutting them out reduces your oil consumption. Win-win. Lose the soft drinks, bread, pizza, sharwama, biscuits, chocolate, sugar, cookies, etc

Lose Weight With Minimal Effort - Ditch the junk

Apart from the oils, these foods are loaded with sugar, white flour, lots of salt, animal fat, and dangerous chemicals.

Over 90% of the chemicals put in food and cosmetics have not been tested for safety. They are classified – GRAS – Generally Recognized As Safe. Of the ones that have been tested, most of those shown to be unhealthy is still present in foods and cosmetics.

I try to avoid anything that has an ingredient list. Sweet potato is sweet potato. Cocoa powder is cocoa powder, no other ingredient. And even if what you are buying has a list avoid anything that has names you don’t know or can’t pronounce. Carboxymethyl cellulose, Polysorbate 80, Emulsifiers, etc are examples of common dangerous chemicals in our food supply.

Step 2: Lose The Oils.

You can do step 1 right? Great! Let’s take it a notch further. Oils are very very calorie-dense. There are 4,000 calories in a pound of oil. Almost 2,000 calories in a cup of oil and 120 calories in just a tablespoon. T

his is true for all kinds of oil – coconut oil, palm oil, avocado oil, or even extra extra extra virgin olive oil. They all have almost 2,000 (1,910) calories in a cup. Don’t fall for the healthy oil scam. Ditch it and the excess weight falls right off.

Lose Weight With Minimal Effort - Ditch the oils.

Adding oil to your cooking can move a meal from having 500 calories to 1,200 calories without any difference in the quantity of the food. It is your worst enemy if you are trying to lose weight and stay healthy. You’ll just have to learn to cook without oils. It is simple really, just use water or oil-free vegetable broth. I use water. If you find oil-free vegetable broth in Nigeria, please let me know in the comment section, thanks.

And it doesn’t matter if they say the oil is heart-healthy, it’s a lie! It is a marketing strategy. Oils are highly refined products and are 100% fat! Easily stored as body fat. The fact that the oil is cholesterol-free doesn’t mean it is healthy. Vegetable oil ordinarily shouldn’t have cholesterol. Cholesterol (in significant amounts) is only found in animals. Writing ‘cholesterol-free’ is just to appeal to your emotion. To make you feel you are making a conscious healthy decision. Marketing strategy of life!

Oils are highly inflammatory to the body leading to the development of many chronic diseases including heart disease and diabetes.

Step 3: Limit Animal Products.

The first 2 steps aren’t too bad right? Not as hard as you thought? I figured. Eating healthy doesn’t take too much really. The next thing you can add to really give your health a boost is to limit your intake of animal products if you can’t completely remove them.

Completely removed processed animal products like sausages, corned beef, ham slices, etc. The International Agency For Research On Cancer (IARC) has classified them as class 1 carcinogens. Nicotine from cigarette smoking is also a class 1 carcinogen. Meaning the link between processed meat and colon cancer is as strong as the link between cigarette smoking and lung cancer. Don’t even feed your children those things.

Animal products are very calorie-dense and the calories are mostly from fat. Dietary fat is easily stored as body fat and fat in the muscles and liver, which after a while can lead to insulin resistance and then diabetes. They are also very high in cholesterol. In fact, they are the only significant source of cholesterol. They are deficient in most nutrients and of course, contain no Phytonutrient.

Please watch ‘what the health’ on Netflix. Click here to download if you don’t have the app. The first month is free

Extra Tip:

At the risk of sounding like I’m making it 4 steps, it would be unfair not to tell you this.

  1. Eat more vegetables: Increase your intake of vegetables. Add more of both leafy and non-leafy vegetables like carrot, cucumber, tomatoes, etc. to your diet. Green vegetables are the most nutritious foods available to man.
  2. Exercise/ move more.
That’s It:

Yep! just that and you’ll start losing weight and being healthier. Don’t forget this is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change. It is a lifelong commitment to your health. You don’t want to spend the last 10 years of your life in infirmity. Moving in and out of the hospital being a burden to those who love you.

You can get the meal plan to get started. To your healthier and slimmer bodies.

Love you always.

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