Healthy vegan treats for your kids

No oil, no sugar, no junk


We live in a toxic food environment with all sorts of chemicals in our food supply. Most of these chemicals about 90% of them haven’t been tested for safety. They are considered GRAS – Generally considered as safe. The ones that are found to be toxic still persist in a lot of packaged foods. These chemicals enhance flavor, make the ‘food’ addictive, make them more shelf-stable, give color, etc.

Apart from the chemicals are lots of sugar, oils, concentrated dairy products, trans fat, etc all of which are not healthy to be in large amounts in the diet. This among others is causing more and more kids to develop diseases that were more commonly seen in adults like obesity and diabetes.

We all love treats. We even have sweet taste buds. But there’s a way nature intended we satisfy our sweet tooth without predisposing our kids to illnesses.

The treats here are made with wholesome plant goodness your kids and the whole family would enjoy.


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